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10 Reasons For Sewer Blockages

  1. Tree Roots – Tree roots can easily invade and clog sewer lines due to their ability to grow and spread quickly.
  2. Flushing Non-Degradable Materials – Flushing materials like paper towels, dental floss, diapers, or other non-degradable items can accumulate in the pipes and eventually block them.
  3. Waste Buildup – Over time, general waste buildup can cause clogs in the sewer line which can be difficult to clear without professional help.
  4. Grease Buildup – Grease is one of the most common causes of blocked sewer lines as it sticks to the walls of pipes and slowly builds up over time.
  5. Hair Clogs – Shedding hair is a natural part of life, but it can create a huge problem when it accumulates in your sewer line.
  6. Collapsed Pipes – If your home or property has an older system that’s made out of clay or cast iron pipes then they may collapse due to age or wear and tear, creating an obstruction in the line that requires professional help to resolve.
  7. Poorly Cased Pipe Joints – Improperly secured pipe joints invite roots into the main sewage line which can clog up quickly if not addressed promptly with professional repair work.
  8. Foreign Objects – Foreign objects such as toys, jewelry and even tools have been known to get flushed down toilets resulting in major blockages in the sewage system that require urgent attention from plumbing professionals who know how to handle this kind of job safely and effectively.
  9. Rust & Corrosion – Old steel pipes are susceptible to rusting over time which can lead to leakage/blockage issues if left untreated for too long by a professional plumber who specializes in these types of repairs/replacements.

    10 . Worn Out Fittings & Connectors– Loose fittings on older pipelines will allow debris and waste particles into the system leading to costly repairs if not attended quickly enough by an experienced plumber who knows how to identify these problems early on before they become bigger issues down the road

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Came out when they said they would, very friendly, Honest and helpful. Will be the one's to call in the future. Thank you for a job well done.

– Terry Kretzschmar

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value They are the best . Responsive professional on time service. I believe my service gentleman was Josh he was in and out fixed the problem with my water heater and was polite and got his job done said good afternoon and left. They are the best around Thank you. We appreciate your services

– Jeremy Dyer

We love them! We are a mobile home community and have need for them often. They are fast, courteous and always get the job done, day or night, no matter the issue.

– Creekside Village

I had a leaking toilet, called and got reasonable appointment time. A couple of days later I got a call the repair tech was on the way. Austin was Fast, Friendly, Professional and Helpful. He took special care to clean up the site after installing new components and mopped up the excess water. Definitely will use Potters again

– Morning Max

I was very satisfied with the service and professionalism shown by Bobby Dawes. He is an asset to your business.

Anne Sehie- El Dorado KS

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